Free Android Emulator for Windows and Mac

Droid4x is an Android Emulator which is a very helpful emulator software for winodws and mac users. With Droid4x Android Emulator you can play any Android game and can use any Android application on your personal computer.

Main Features Of Droid4x Android Emulator

Droid4x is latest Android Emulator which has come up with all the best features.

droid4x keyboard

Keyboard Support

Droid4x allows users to play with keyboard and the user can configure the keyboard options.

droid4x joystick

Joystick Support

With Droid4x You can use a joystick to play Android games on your computer.

droid4x control


You can control the Droid4x Emulator through your Android/iOS Mobile device.

droid4x screen recording

Screen Recording

You can record/take a picture of the screen and can share that file to your social networking websites.

droid4x downloader

Inbuilt Downloader

You can directly download any app or a game file using the downloader embedded within the droid4x app.

droid4x os support


Droid4X is compatible with all existing versions of Windows including Windows 7,8,10 and windows 11.

Is Droid4x A Good Emulator?

The Droid4X emulator has a lot of advantages that make it a worthwhile addition to your PC or Mac. For instance:

1). The emulator is free. Even if you’re hesitant to trust it, you don’t have to spend any money to experiment with the program. If you can acquire it from a reliable source, the emulator is risk-free.

2). The emulator is compatible with both PC and Mac. Many Android emulators will only work on either PC or Mac but not both. But Droid4X is not restricted in that area.

3). The Emulator can run a wide variety of games and apps

4). It is compatible with Google’s Play Store and Services. You can download your apps and games directly from the store.

5). The minimum requirements are not that high. It can work on older computers with lower specs.

6). You have the option of installing the emulator using an online installer or an offline installer. Unlike its rivals, it doesn’t limit its users to one option.

7). The graphics are amazing.

8). You can customize the keyboard, resolution, and screen size.

As you can see, the emulator has so much to offer. Though, it has some weaknesses. For instance, the emulator has been known to lock up whenever a PC with Windows 10 comes out of sleep mode. You have to restart the emulator, which is annoying.

Additionally, you cannot customize the default home screen. Some people have complained about the small auto-hide navigation bar buttons, defective gyro sensing, and the absence of widget support.